Investing at the intersection of Bits, Atoms and DNA

Straub Ventures is a venture capital firm for the emerging founding classes. We focus on investing in teams at the onset of innovation, in emerging and rapid expanding markets.

We support founders, as co-founders, to build big ideas into strong, sustainable and lasting companies. We invest along all stages of a company's development. Our preference is to be your co-founder and develop the concept, market and opportunities jointly.

Our investments

Alexander Straub is a German born entrepreneur and European Venture Capitalist at London-based Straub Ventures.

He was a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford, and holds two engineering degrees, one from Darmstadt and one from Cornell. Alex has also conducted a fellowship progam at Stanford University.

In 1999, Alex co-founded Mondus, an online B2B marketplace for SMEs, (a European version of Alibaba Marketplace for b2b transactions), which was inspired by eBay's business model and Alex's prior experiences. Subsequently, Mondus was sold to the Italian corporation Seat Pagine Gialle in one of the largest ever European internet transactions in 2001.

Alex is also the co-founder of Truphone, a global mobile operator with operations and involved with numerous other high profile technology companies in an investor capacity, board member capacity. Truphone has raised over $300m in venture financing to date and has mobile carrier operations in Australia, HK, USA, UK, Germany, Poland, TheNetherlands and Spain.

Alex also serverd 9 years for NTTDoCoMo on the acquired net-mobile AG board (a German public company), post it's acquisition and de-listing in 2016 and the integration into DoCoMo Digital, the worlds largest mobile Carrier Billing and Payment company.

His most recent Angel Investments are SnapMe, a global e-commerce play leveraging a combination of Artificial Intelligence, self learning mechanism, machine learning and computer vision to recognise social media images and videos and link them "linkless" to SnapMe API connected stores (mainly stores running on Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, DemandWare, IBM Websphere Commerce, Hybris, xtCommerce, 3MO, Gambio, Intershop, Shopware, Prestashop, Pangora, Drupal, X-Cart). The company fullfills a global demand for consumers enabling them to interact via the SnapMe App, allowing them limited shopping over Instagram and SnapChat for now limited edition hard to get sneakers from Nike, Adidas, Converse, Kangaroo, Puma, Asics Tiger, Nike SB, Adidas SB, New Balance).

The Sneakernomics are comprehensive, a $55bn global opportunity, the US sneaker market alone contributes a $25 billion market opportunity in 2016 and has grown consistently over the past decade. The worlds largest single sneaker distributor, Decathlon (France) contributes $9 billion in sales. Canadian Tire/Forzani is the next largest international retailer with sales over $3 billion. Third is the UK’s Sports Direct which had sales of about $2.5 billion.

SnapMe aims to build a comprehensive way for millions of sneaker fan to interact with social media and fullfill consumer centric and local the demand in a franchised way with the sneaker stores in each country as partners enabling them via an easy API e-commerce integration, provided by